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Question: Koleksi Sarawakiana, Bastin : Waiting for the tide, or scraps and scrawls from Sarawak

Answer: This is the first illustrated book printed in Borneo. An old custom which originated in the time of James Brooke was that all officers able to leave their outstations should travel to Kuching to celebrate Christmas and New Year together. This book is a collection of six stories written by colonial officers stationed in Sarawak. The six stories are:

1.A Pirate Story by W. Fraser
2.A Jungle Heroins by A. perry
3.Men with tails by T. Skipwith
4.To the Rescue by O.C. Vane
5.Adventure with an Alligator by H. Roscoo
6.Don’s Story by W.H. Don.

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(Source:, 28 Mar 2022)

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