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3D Printing Workshop

Tarikh Mula
27 Nov 2021
Tarikh Tamat
28 Nov 2021
10am - 4pm
Galeri, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak
Keterangan Peristiwa

You might hear "3D Printing" very frequently on magazines, newspapers, online journals and TV as well in recent years. It is amazing that 3D Printing technology is not only used in the manufacturing industry but is also applied to fashion design, medical research, creative education, and even the food industry!

Join us at Makersmeet 2021 to learn more about 3D Printing on:
Date: 27 & 28 November 2021
Time: 10am - 4pm
Venue:Galeri, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak

We will share what exactly 3D Printing is and the principles behind. Reading and watching videos online are not enough to provide a clear understanding. Learning 3D Printing with a hands-on approach, you will experience this amazing technology by operating a real 3D printer. We welcome everybody to join the exploration of 3D printing magic.

Click the link below to register:-

For further information, do not hesitate to contact our liaison officer:-
i. Mr. Ramdzan Saman 082-442000 ext 240 / 014-8603621
ii. Mr. Nur Farhan 082-442000 ext 339 / 013-5617863

Thank you.

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