Joanne Lau

Joanne Lau is retired educationist who started actively painting in 2009, firstly with realism then switching to abstract expressionist art in 2010. She is a committee member of the Sarawak Artists Society. Her first public debut was in 2014 when she exhibited in David Chew’s solo show and sold her first piece, The Vibrancy of Youth. In 2016, Joanne exhibited in London, alongside 9 other contemporary artists, following which 3 pieces were sold: Raining in Mulu, Jungle Harmony and Journey of Hope. Some of her art pieces are exhibited for sale in Dublin. In between, she participated with the Sarawak Artists Society exhibitions and her artworks continue to sell. In recent years, Joanne has embarked on commissioned artworks for new offices and homes, both overseas and in Malaysia. Her artworks appeal predominantly to those in the corporate sector. Joanne's most recent art show is Abstract 2022: Harmony and sustainability in Kuching. She was one of the 6 artists in the art show and she sold 50% of her work. Joanne painted with concept, inspiration and passion bringing in the colors and strokes that defined her emotions at the time. Each one deals with events, the encounters of her life seasons and things she hears or sees in her adventures. She matched each section with a clear description. Nature is the focus of her work. Of late, due to health constraints, she started drawing with both hands and they complimented each other on the shots she used. She has achieved her signature style that defines in the spins and curls of her art. As a contemporary artist, she prefers to do variations of styles and techniques. Joanne paints with joy and passion and that was her most exhilarating experience!