"Pelihara untuk Generasi Masa Depan... Sesebuah Negara Tidak Akan
Berjaya Kecuali Jika ada sesuatu yang dapat Kita Warisi dan Manfaatkan"
Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj


About Electronic Sarawak Gazette

The Electronic Sarawak Gazette is the first project of White Hornbill in Innovative and Creative Circle initiative.

Electronic Sarawak Gazette is to deal particularly in improving the usage of Sarawak Gazette. TheElectronic Sarawak Gazette will be carried out in stages according to phases. The content of Electronic Sarawak Gazette in this website is a digitized copy from the printed Sarawak Gazette. It can be viewed 24 hours 7 days from all around the world that has internet connection.

The Sarawak Gazette

The Government Printing Office was established in 1870 and one of its first publications was The Sarawak Gazette, a pet project of Charles Brooke.

Its first issue, dated 26 August 1870, was a three page leaflet featuring a summary of Reuters telegrams on the Franco-Prussian War.

A hundred and thirty years later, both Reuters and The Sarawak Gazette are still going strong.

?The Sarawak Gazette will be published as soon as possible after the arrival of steamers carrying mails from Singapore,? the first issue announced. It was intended to promulgate the Rajah?s orders and outstation officers.

It is now an essential source of historical information on Sarawak affairs, especially the period from 1870 to 1941, when publication was suspended during that Japanese occupation. It contains source material on economic history, coastal trade returns, commodity prices, agricultural information, mineral and oil production statistics, anthropology and archeology.

Nowadays it includes items ?insufficiently technical for Sarawak Museum Journal and too meaty for the popular press?. It is unique among government publications as it is free to tackle a wide range of issues and has never been subjected to strict regulation from above.

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