Sarawak State Library


Pustaka Institute


Pustaka Institute is one of the major Sectors in Pustaka. It is a research and learning institute formally established on 1 May 2022 and entrusted with the following core roles:

  1. undertakes research and study on library, information science, records and archives management that is designed for the improvement and continuing development in the quality of library’s roles in the society and information professionals;
  2. promotes the practical application of relevant research findings library, information science, records and archives management;
  3. promotes standards, guidelines and best practices in library, information science, records and archives management;
  4. provides support, inputs and advices in the establishment, expansion and improvement of library facilities through the administration of the State and Federal grants;
  5. promotes learning and knowledge creation in library, information science, records and archives management;
  6. undertakes knowledge management initiatives and programmes; and
  7. provides support, inputs and advises in the application of technologies library, information science, records and archives management.

Main Functions

ICT Infrastructure Division

  1. Manages and administers Pustaka´s ICT systems.
  2. Provides ICT support and backup services to business operating units in Pustaka.
  3. Monitors the performance of the ICT systems in Pustaka.
  4. Reviews and reengineers Pustaka´s ICT systems.
  5. Maintains, enhances and upgrades state-wide public libraries’ ICT systems.
  6. Manages, administers and coordinates ICT development projects and initiatives.

Web Applications and Knowledge Management Division

  1. Maintains Pustaka’s official website based on the guidelines of the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).
  2. Develops, implements, enhances and maintains Pustaka´s official web sites.
  3. Develops, implements, enhances and maintains in-house web applications.
  4. Manages the identification of knowledge domains and knowledge assets.
  5. Manages the capture of knowledge assets in the knowledge base.
  6. Manages the timely update of the knowledge base.
  7. Plans, implements and coordinates knowledge sharing sessions.
  8. Plans, implements and coordinates other knowledge management initiatives.
  9. Monitors the implementation of knowledge management initiatives.
  10. Monitors the promotion, update and usage of the State knowledge repository.
  11. Reviews the performance of the State knowledge repository.

Innovation and Sustainability Division


  1. Conducts customer satisfaction surveys, market surveys and other forms of surveys.
  2. Initiates, manages and administers studies or researches in library, information science, records and archives management.
  3. Coordinates the initiation and implementation of improvement programmes based on recommendations from surveys and studies or researches.
  4. Manages and administers studies and researches on Pustaka by external parties.
  5. Manages the acquisition of data, compilation and distribution of statewide library statistics.


  1. Coordinates the planning of development projects under the Malaysia Plans.
  2. Monitors the implementation of development projects under the Malaysia Plans.
  3. Plans and implements minor development projects under operational grants.
  4. Reviews the performance of the implemented minor development projects.
  5. Coordinates the planning, implementation and review of strategic plans.
  6. Monitors and coordinates the review of cross-functional continual improvement programmes.

Advisory and Consultancy
Manages Pustaka Advisory and Consultancy Services (PACS) which include:

  1. The provision of technical advises and professional guidance on the establishment of departmental and special libraries.
  2. The management of requests for trainings in library administration, services management and collection management.
  3. The coordination of resources, skills, expertise and experiences

Learning and Knowledge Creation Division

  1. Holds seminars, courses, meetings and other similar events to promote the use of the library resources, or the information or data collected or maintained by the State Library or at its disposal.
  2. Publishes, sells or distributes publications concerning or relating to public archives, or concerning the activities of and facilities provided by the State Library.
  3. Facilitates the dissemination of knowledge and information, the appreciation of the arts, culture, traditions, history and achievements of the State and its people.

Oral History Division

  • To preserve State’s heritage especially on social and cultural history.
  • To document oral history.
  • To promote awareness on the importance of Oral History and initiate discussion and training on the oral history practices.
  • To process and foster access and use of oral history collections.