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Critical Fashion Practice

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: Adam Geczy & Vicki Karaminas
: Suria Sonia Ahip Abdullah
This book offers a close critical and contextual reading of the late 20th century designs, innovative theoretical analysis including in-depth case studies on collections, arguing that the rise of critical fashion coincides with a noticeable decline in the criticality of art and conceiving a new cultural role for fashion that affords insight into identity, class, race, sexuality and gender. This book shows how fashion can not only reflect and comment on but can also be a part of social change. It is a very good read to those who are seriously interested in fashion or for anyone teaching and / or studying fashion. The writer uses words and descriptions on fashion in a most refreshing and engaging manner, offering nine theoretically accessible case studies appealing to its audience. Using clear language, the writer dives deeply into cultural and fashion theory to soundly brought up their research and interpretation on the modernity of male and female fashion and its relationship to the body, gender, art and design.