Sarawak State Library


Library Services


Technical Service Division

Technical Service Division is responsible to make available a broad categories of library materials to support the Library’s policy, mission, and objectives, in meeting the information, educational, cultural and recreational needs of its users. We pay special attention to local and global electronic information sources and to all kinds of documentation relating to Sarawak, Sarawakiana, being our niche collection.

While it is our goal to meet the information needs of everyone, the Collection Development Policy 2018 outlines the criteria to consider suitable materials and in appropriate media for addition to the collection.

Acquisition Unit

Main Functions

  1. Acquisition of Information resources, based on:
    • Sarawak State Library Ordinance, 1999 & Sarawak State Library (Amendment), Ordinance, 2009
    • Pustaka’s Collection Development Policy 2018
  2. Collection Development
    • Maintain and update Collection Policy to ensure relevance
    • Support State development programs and policies
    • Participate in cooperative collection building strategies
    • Participate in gifts and exchange
Cataloguing Unit

Main Functions

  1. Physical Collection Management
    • Apply suitable and up-to-date methodologies for collection, storage and retrieval including cataloguing, classifying, assigning of subject headings, authority file maintenance and processing of library material.
    • Update and maintain collection maintenance procedures.
    • Yearly auditing of collection.
  2. Database Development
    • Ensure that the OPAC provides ready and comprehensive access to the library’s collection.
    • Frequent enhancement of bibliographic data in accordance with International Standards in use.
    • Ensure consistency in the created databases and facilitate access to cater the needs of library users
Suggestions for Purchase

We encourage input from the users concerning the collection to better serve their needs and interest. All suggestions for purchase are however subject to the same selection criteria as other materials and are not automatically added to the collection.

Please email your suggestions to Ainie Umairah Lee Abdullah leemc2@sarawak.gov.my or call +6082-442000

Community Engagement Services Division (CESD)

CESD collaboratively organizes events and activities for users and communities of all levels, to connect with each another, through cultural, informational and educational programs to support libraries and life-long learning.

  • Executes community outreach activities related to applicable services; collaborates with representatives from other community agencies in planning outreach activities.
  • Plans age and interest appropriate programs/workshops for children, parents, adults, senior citizens, which includes storytelling, book discussions/talks, writing workshops, festival planning/participation, and/or other related activities.
  • Promote Library programs, services, and events, which may include use of social media, coordination with Marketing Services, community partner engagement, and other outreach activities.
  • Performs a variety of administrative activities in support of Library operations, which includes: preparing activity reports; processing a variety of forms and/or, performing other related activities.
Major Tasks
  • Reading Acculturation
  • Outreach programs
  • Public and community Library advisory and training (PNM/Local Council/Community Libraries)
  • Collaboration
  • Inspection and maintenance of public libraries (PNM)
  • American Corner’s activities
Upcoming events and supports

To know more about our upcoming Community events, or if you wish to volunteer or support any of our activities, please contact our CESD officers;

Ramdzan Hj. Saman ramdzans@sarawak.gov.my/ Dayang Najwa Hazwani Bt Awang Zaini najwa@sarawak.gov.my or call +082442000 ext. 348/339

Information Services Division

The Information Services Division serves as a gateway to knowledge and culture by providing resources and services to support literacy, education and lifelong learning.

We are committed to meeting the information needs of our patrons through undertaking the following tasks:

  1. Providing equitable reference assistance to users via telephone, emails, letters, in person or through the use of other communication technologies within a reasonable time frame
  2. Facilitating access to information from library resources and those available through consortium/held remotely, by locating, accessing and evaluating the required information
  3. Circulation and membership management
  4. Interlibrary loan and document delivery
  5. Providing library instructions/orientations, information and digital literacy sessions to users
  6. Promoting and marketing information resources and services
  7. Undertaking users’ survey and evaluating information usage and services rendered
  8. Supporting E-Government services and initiatives.

For more information on our services and resources, please contact:

Edison Ricket or Rozana Octovia Raymond at +082442000 ext. 341/331 or send your email to edisonr@sarawak.gov.my/rozanoru@sarawak.gov.my

Sarawakiana Division

Sarawakiana Division is under the purview of Depository Services Sector. The role of the Division is to manage Special Collections in Pustaka comprising of Sarawakiana, Borneo and Malaysiana collection.

The role of Sarawakiana Division as in the Sarawak State Library Ordinance, 1999 are:

  1. To develop and preserve Pustaka’s niche collection (Sarawakiana Collections) as prescribed under Sarawak State Library Ordinance Cap 29.
  2. To enforce the statutory provision of the Legal Deposit, as stated under Section 15 of the Sarawak State Library Ordinance, 1999.
  3. To promote services, programs and activities and makes information accessible to public and researchers as prescribed under Sarawak State Library Ordinance Cap 29.

The Sarawakiana Division mainly deals with rare and archival materials of various topics, formats, periods and publications received or enforced through the Legal Deposit functions. The Special Collections and archives are housed at Special Collections Room, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, Kuching or repositories at the State Records Repository (SRR).

The Division is supported by two (2) units:

  1. Legal Deposit Unit
  2. Special Collection Unit

The functions of the units are:

Legal Deposit Unit
  • To ensure that the literary heritage and information in the state is preserved for researchers and scholarly use and for generations to come.
  • To acquire and provide library resources or materials published in Sarawak.
  • To provide bibliographic records according to the standards based on published materials.
  • To maintain statistical records of library resources or materials published in Sarawak.
  • To provide awareness, advisory services, promotion and enforcement of Legal Deposit requirements in the state through program/activities and collaborations.
Special Collection Unit
  • To develop Sarawakiana Collection through purchase, bequest/donation, content development, oral history,digitization and legal deposit especially on Sarawakiana and Borneo materials.
  • To acquire Special Collection materials.
  • To enrich Local Content development.
  • To process and preserve special collections materials.
  • To foster access, use and promotion of services and Special Collections and materials of archival value.