Sarawak State Library



e-Pustaka is a code name for Pustaka Negeri Sarawak mobile multimedia library. Physically, it is a medium-sized bus equipped with the following basic ICT facilities :

  1. a network server
  2. an IP-based local area network
  3. 8 – 10 units of computers
  4. a printer
  5. Internet connection
  6. electric power generator
  7. air conditioning system
  8. books and CD-ROM collection worth RM50,000

Manned by three specially trained staff, e-Pustaka commenced its services in Kuching sub-urban areas in the year 2001. In 2004, another unit was added and commissioned in Limbang to serve the communities there.

Up to this date, the two e-Pustaka have completed about 500 visits to various service points. Approximately, 900 students and teachers have benefited from them.

The main objectives of this service are to :

  1. improve ICT awareness amongst students and teachers at selected schools
  2. provide electronic classroom experience to students and teachers involved
  3. evaluate the impact of ICT to students and teachers
  4. promote the use of ICT in teaching and learning at school level
  5. narrow the digital divide among Sarawakians

The training provided in e-Pustaka programme covers :

  1. Introduction to computer.
  2. Online information resources, which include the Internet and CD-ROM databases.
  3. Trends and issues in ICT.
  4. ICT mini projects – such as web page design and publishing.

The group of schools selected will be changed every school semester.