Sarawak State Library


Bridging Worlds: Libraries As Connectors In Citizen Science

Start Date
27 Feb 2024
End Date
28 Feb 2024
9am - 5pm
Galeri, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak
Details of Event

A transformative program, Bridging Worlds: Libraries as Connectors in Citizen Science by Miss Vivienne Byrd, is scheduled from 27th until 28th February 2024 at Pustaka Negeri Sarawak.

This program aims to leverage the expertise of Miss Vivienne Byrd, a renowned figure in citizen science, climate change, biodiversity, and STEM education. The goal of this one-of-a-kind project is to show how libraries are beneficial to the growing fields of citizen science. It will show how libraries are important for making scientific research easier to access, encouraging collaboration, and getting more people involved in scientific discovery.

With Ms Vivienne Byrd?s expertise, the program is tailored for librarians, citizens, libraries, researchers, students, and environmental enthusiasts. Participants will be enlightened through interactive sessions designed to spur awareness and involvement in citizen science, emphasizing the pivotal role libraries play in these endeavours.

Program Highlights:
i. Aims and Objectives: Enhance knowledge on citizen science, explore libraries? roles in citizen science projects, foster collaboration between libraries, educational institutions, and environmental organizations, and equip participants with essential skills for initiating and participating in citizen science projects.
ii. Event Details: Spanning 10 days, the program includes workshops, panel discussions, and community engagement activities.
iii. Impact and Outcome: Aimed at strengthening understanding, capacity, and networking among participants in citizen science activities, suggesting how libraries can contribute significantly to this field.

Don?t miss this unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of citizen science and its critical importance in addressing environmental challenges.
Engage directly in practical workshops, seminars, and field sessions to harness the power of citizen science through the latest applications and technologies.
Stay tune for more details on this enlightening journey that promises not only to enrich your knowledge but also to foster a collaborative approach to environmental conservation and citizen science in Malaysia.

Let?s bridge worlds together for a sustainable future!

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