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Chairman\'s Annual Address 2021

Posted on 19 February 2021

Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, KUCHING - Virtual Annual Chairman's Address 2021 was successfully held yesterday via our official Facebook & Pustaka Sarawak Channel YouTube.

This year, our Annual Chairman’s Address also enlivened with a couple of programmes such as Books Launching Ceremony, Introduction to our Depository Services, Discover Our Archives Collection, Showcase of Sarawakiana Festival 2021, Sarawakiana Talks, Online Exhibition and more.

According to Pustaka's Chairman, "Reading is one of the easiest and convenient way to learn on all aspect of this pandemic including its economic, psychological, health and social impacts. With correct understanding, we would be able to decide wisely on how and what to do in order to minimize the impact or to improve our situation or to help others in need. Merely relying on information shared in the social media may not be enough. Besides, there are a lot of fake information being shared that could mislead us into making wrong decisions. Pustaka is providing authoritative information resources in the form of printed books, e-books, online journals and magazines, and other articles. This year Pustaka will increase information resources, programs, and activities to promote public awareness on sustainability".

Yesterday, he also has launched 2 publications entitled Records & Archive Management Guidelines for Sarawak State Departmental and Agencies / “Garis Panduan Pengurusan Rekod & Arkib untuk Jabatan dan Agensi Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak and another of our Sarawakiana series publication, Heritage Matters a local content documentation.

Also speaking during Chairman's Annual Address, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Puan Arpah Adenan said that "Because of the pandemic many of our plans were disrupted and activities were stalled last year, but we will forge on to get you engaged virtually through our programmes and activities lined up for this year. Indeed, the pandemic has changed the way we work and helped us to innovate our services as well. We have learned how online platform helps us to communicate, share information and collaborate. Our social media and the website have become our mediums of marketing. Therefore, we refuse to let the impact of the pandemic in preventing us to serve you better"

Indeed, Pustaka had proven that this pandemic has changed the way we work and helped us to innovate our services. We have successfully conducted several of our main events and online activities last year by making use of our official Facebook (Pustaka Sarawak) and Pustaka’s Youtube channel (pustaka.sarawak).

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Do not hesitate to contact our Communication Unit Officer, Nur Ashikin Ahmad @ 01110870191 / Norzihan Abdullah @ 0198899424 for further inquiries.

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