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Public Library Services

The public library services of Pustaka Negeri Sarawak have been streamlined and placed under the purview of the Public Library Service Division so as to have a more concerted and synchronized efforts in the promotion of reading and reader development in the whole state of Sarawak. The streamlining of these services is long sought for due to the idiosyncratic nature of the implementation of reading promotion and reader development activities in the state.


The Public Library Service Division was set up with the following objectives in mind

  • To enhance statewide reading campaign activities.
  • To provide guidance and advisory services to public libraries especially in information services provision and reading campaign
  • To provide mobile multimedia library services (e-Pustaka).
  • To intensify effort to influence public opinion into accepting reading as positive behaviour that needs to become daily routine.

Services and Functions

To achieve its objectives, PLS provide the following services to public library libraries in Sarawak :

  • To provide, maintain and enhance mobile multimedia service (e-Pustaka in Kuching and Lawas.
  • To plan and coordinate the implementation of statewide reading campaign and reader development activities via the cooperation of the local authority libraries
  • To plan and provide training pertaining to the handling of reading campaign and reader development activities, including the development and distribution of self-instruction modules and toolkits.
  • To give advisory services pertaining to library cooperation, smart-partnership and networking among public libraries and information centers.
  • To give advisory services relating to physical library development, collection development, organization and management of resources, information and reference services, and information and communication technology
  • To develop and distribute promotional items to public libraries
  • To identify and potential reading campaign and reader development activities
  • To be the main coordinator for National Library of Malaysia-funded reading campaign activities at the state level.

Village Libraries

The Public Library Services Division also administers, monitors and facilitates the operations and core activities of 36 National Library of Malaysia-funded village libraries. These libraries are

  1. Perpustakaan Desa Kampung Keranji, Kuching
  2. Perpustakaan Desa Taman Palma Indah, Kuching
  3. Perpustakaan Desa RPR Tondong, Kuching
  4. Perpustakaan Desa Taman Duranda Mas, Kuching
  5. Perpustakaan Desa Taman Sepakat Jaya, Kuching
  6. Perpustakaan Desa Taman Sri Muhibbah, Kuching
  7. Perpustakaan Desa Taman Sri Permai, Kuching
  8. Perpustakaan Desa Kampung Samariang Lama, Kuching
  9. Perpustakaan Desa Bandar Baru Samariang, Kuching
  10. Perpustakaan Desa Taman Harmoni, Sri Aman
  11. Perpustakaan Desa Kampung Pusa, Betong
  12. Perpustakaan Desa Kampung Beladin, Betong
  13. Perpustakaan Desa Kampung Sepinang, Betong
  14. Perpustakaan Desa Kampung Meludam, Betong
  15. Perpustakaan Desa Taman Susur Jambu Indah, Sarikei
  16. Perpustakaan Desa Taman Muhhibah Indah, Kanowit
  17. Perpustakaan Desa Kampung Hilir, Sibu
  18. Perpustakaan Desa Bahagia Jaya, Sibu
  19. Perpustakaan Desa Skim Tunoh, Kapit
  20. Perpustakaan Desa Taman Ixora Indah, Kapit
  21. Perpustakaan Desa Tanjung Manis, Mukah
  22. Perpustakaan Desa RPR Lawas, Lawas
  23. Perpustakaan Desa RPR Batu Biah, Limbang
  24. Perpustakaan Desa Kampung Bunan Gega, Serian
  25. Perpustakaan Desa Kpg. Pangtray, Daro
  26. Perpustakaan Desa Kpg. Jemoreng, Matu
  27. Perpustakaan Desa Taman Stakan Jaya, Kota Samarahan
  28. Perpustakaan Desa Taman Everglades, Kuching
  29. Perpustakaan Desa Taman Samarindah, Kota Samarahan
  30. Perpustakaan Desa Pabahanan, Limbang
  31. Perpustakaan Desa Meritam, Limbang
  32. Perpustakaan Desa Kampung Teh, Mukah
  33. Perpustakaan Desa Kampung Puyut, Marudi
  34. Perpustakaan Desa Sungai Asap, Belaga
  35. Perpustakaan Desa Kpg. Tegageng, Bekenu
  36. Perpustakaan Desa Layar, Betong

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